Want to Pay for Uni or Fund a Startup? Mint a Student Coin!

Imagine a world where every person and every company has their very own digital token.

Well, it’s not that far away. An ambitious blockchain project called Student Coin is making this a viable reality for everyone.

You don’t need technical knowledge or a big bank account. All you require is a willingness to try something genuinely new—and a dream for the future!

What is Student Coin?

As the first cryptocurrency platform where users can mint their own tokens, Student Coin offers a unique experience. Where else can you design, create and manage an entire range of tokens including DeFi and NFTs?

Big-scale tokenisation is the name of the game here. While the focus is currently on students and entrepreneurs, Student Coin anticipates a global economy where individuals and commercial organisations will all—one day—possess their own crypto tokens and use them for everything from crowdfunding and trade to payments, voting and governing.

How does it work?

Everything centres on the STC—the core utility token, or central reference currency, of the Student Coin platform. When you create your own token at Student Coin, its value is based on this STC token.

Once you’ve created an account, you can use the platform to produce the kind of asset token you need.

  • Personal: uniquely linked to a single account.
  • Startup: to help you build your dream business.
  • Corporate: connected to a single account.
  • DeFi: for bank activities with no third party involved.
  • NFT: transferable for cross-platform trading.

Your tokens can be used on the STC exchange—the Student Coin platform—to raise money for tuition, to trade or crowdfund.

Why is STC such a gamechanger?

The prime Student Coin audience is, naturally, students. The STC gives students unprecedented opportunities to fund their further education in a new way.

Students can now bypass banks in favour of a flexible, decentralised system which meets them exactly where they are—big on energy and ambition, low on traditional assets and income.

First, the student creates a personal token which is placed on the Student Coin market. STC holders then buy the tokens. The student reaches their tuition fee target and buys their education. Once graduated and earning wages, part of the student’s salary is locked until the loan is repaid. STC holders receive a cyclical ‘profit’ payment as reward.

It’s definitely catching on, with more than 500 high-ranking universities already taking part around the world. This includes 25 in Australia, seven in New Zealand and big US names like Harvard, Stanford and Cornell Universities.

Future looks bright for crypto students

As Bitcoin.com reported on March 18, the Student Coin ICO has already raised more than US$8.7 million in STC tokens over 45 days and completed 80 phases. Each phase had a hard cap of US$150,000. The ICO is available until April 30.

The platform has the potential to transform the higher education sector, where students struggle to meet ever-increasing tuition fees. Its specialist team, featuring 44 people from 12 different countries, has big plans for the future.

STC Exchange, STC Terminal and an STC app are all reportedly in the pipeline. Also watch out for listing of the STC token on major cryptocurrency exchanges.


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