Neon Rave: Ethereum and Solana’s Blockchain Bash on Neon EVM

Neon EVM is stirring up the blockchain space, launching an exciting opportunity for Ethereum developers who want to ride Solana’s high-speed blockchain wave. The platform has allocated 1% of its total NEON token supply, a whopping 10 million tokens, to their Early Builders Program, inviting dApp developers to apply.

“We are thrilled with the onboarding of the first applicants to the Early Builders Program,” announced Marina Guryeva, director of Neon Foundation. This organization is keenly dedicated to fostering and expanding the Neon EVM community.

The Early Builders Program aims to rope in projects showcasing robust use cases, carrying potential to inject significant value into the Neon EVM ecosystem. Applicants must possess a lucid funding utilization strategy, complete with defined milestones and deliverables. True to the Neon EVM’s ethos, participants should be torchbearers of decentralization and strong proponents of open-source technologies.

Grant offerings from the program will encompass diverse project areas, including developer tooling, decentralized applications (dApps), and infrastructure. Developers achieving specific milestones will be rewarded with NEON tokens, with assessments made individually. Funding is set to be released in four stages, offering steady support and resources as participants journey through project development.

Eager parties are encouraged to apply for the Early Builders Program, seizing the chance to be part of Neon EVM’s mission to revolutionize blockchain technology. Applications are being accepted on the official program page at and will be evaluated by an expert panel.

About Neon EVM
Neon EVM acts as a bridge between Ethereum and Solana, allowing Ethereum dApps to settle transactions on Solana’s platform. This revolutionary solution connects the two leading blockchains, providing Ethereum developers with the high-speed, low-fee benefits of Solana’s network.

Neon EVM has brilliantly navigated substantial technical challenges to enable Ethereum-like transactions via Solidity-based dApps on Solana, notwithstanding the considerable differences in programming, compute, and memory models of these Level 1 platforms (L1s). Currently, Neon EVM is in its closed beta stage on the Solana Mainnet, integrating and testing with selected partners before its official launch.

Neon EVM’s creation is a milestone in blockchain, bringing together Ethereum and Solana’s unique strengths, and offering developers the best of both worlds. Neon EVM’s closed beta phase has so far been successful, allowing services from ecosystem participants to be tested and onboarded in a structured, controlled environment.

Looking to the Future
Neon EVM not only signifies a giant leap towards blockchain interoperability but also heralds the future of decentralized applications. By integrating Ethereum and Solana, Neon EVM is a game-changer for dApp developers.

As blockchain technology continues to gain acceptance, interoperability and scalability will be paramount to its sustained growth. Neon EVM, leading the pack, promises a dazzling future for dApps and blockchain technology.

As the closed beta testing concludes, the blockchain community is watching with bated breath to see how Neon EVM continues to bridge gaps between blockchain ecosystems. Once NEON tokens hit the market, the growth and utility of the Neon EVM ecosystem are set to skyrocket, powered by the return of independent proxy operators.

However, as with all new technologies, potential risks and challenges exist. It’s essential for interested parties to do their research, engage with the community, and stay updated through official Neon EVM communication channels.

In sum, Neon EVM is an electrifying development in the blockchain realm. By combining Ethereum and Solana’s strengths, it presents dApp developers with a potent platform. As it steps out of its closed beta phase, the blockchain community eagerly anticipates the ripple effect Neon EVM will have. Undoubtedly, it’s a vibrant neon bash, and all are invited.


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