Ordmint: Fusing Democracy with Decentralization in the First Community-Led Launchpad of Ordinals

The landscape of digital asset launches is poised for transformation as Ordmint unveils its unique, community-centric project to the Ordinals and BRC20 ecosystem. Drawing inspiration from Bitcoin’s decentralized ethos, Ordmint seeks to democratize project integration and bring a fresh perspective to conventional, centralized Launchpad models.

Ordmint champions community empowerment, envisioning a future where each member is not just a participant, but a decision-maker, sculpting an environment of fairness and inclusivity. In this brave new world of decentralized decision-making, Ordmint propels us forward, uniting community strength to create an impactful future.

Bridging Ecosystems with BERC-721
Ordmint is pioneering the industry-first Mapping Proposal, BERC-721, which provides unprecedented connectivity between the BTC and ETH ecosystems. This new protocol, an extension of the BRC-721 protocol, exploits the power of tokenization on the Bitcoin network, broadening digital asset management and value representation. This includes the burgeoning sector of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

By leveraging the mapping and extraction capabilities of BERC-721, users can map their BRC-721 assets and exercise their NFT rights within the BTC network, earning token rewards on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) network.

The Democratization of Project Listings
Ordmint’s project listing approach is democratically designed to empower its community. Prospective projects are subject to the scrutiny and approval of token holders who stake their tokens to vote for their preferred projects. Furthermore, token holders share in the listing fee revenue from successfully listed projects, reinforcing the communal spirit and shared success.

The Pulse of Ordmint: $ORMM
The $ORMM token, the lifeblood of the Ordmint platform, encapsulates the core values of fairness, justice, and Bitcoin’s decentralization ethos. It functions as a tool for community-led governance, distributing decision-making power among the community rather than centralizing it.

$ORMM tokens have manifold roles within the Ordmint platform, including governance, reward distribution, fee-sharing, exclusive access to community events, and opportunities for staking and yield farming. To encourage long-term commitment, a dynamic rewards system, akin to Curve’s veCRV model, will be introduced.

Ordmint stands as a testament to the power of a united community in shaping the future of digital asset launches. This pioneering platform is carving out a new, democratic path that entwines transparency, decentralization, and inclusivity, upending the status quo and raising the bar for future launchpad models.


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