Abakus Won “Global AI Service Innovation Golden i Award”

BEIJING, July 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The 2020 Innovative National Development Forum was held online on June 28th. At the event, the “Golden i Award”, regarded by the industry as the bellwether in terms of innovation across the world of AI, was announced. Abakus won the “Global AI Service Innovation Golden i Award 2020” for its outstanding contribution for enabling the digital transformation of various industries with artificial intelligence. Abakus awarded Global AI Service Innovation Gold i Award 2020 The Deloitte’s White Paper on Global AI Development predicted that the global AI market is expected to exceed US$6 trillion by 2025. Widespread adoption of AI and other emerging technology means a growing portion of the world’s population can enjoy the convenience brought by them. With enterprise-level AI applications and cloud technologies, Abakus provides its customers with dedicated tech solutions and consumer products. The company also immerses itself in deep tech, exploring new possibilities that require both technology supremacy and business insights. Abakus has active business operations in the US, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Statistics show that 22% of Thais have only minimal savings in their bank accounts.  Roadblocks such as no credit profile, insufficient personal qualifications and complicated loan application process make it difficult for many Thais to obtain loans from professional financial institutions or commercial banks. In response to the above pain points, Abakus and Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) entered strategic cooperation to set up Monix, a fintech joint venture, and jointly launched the first 100% online digital credit product. The joint venture will provide loan service for Thai individuals and small and micro-businesses including SCB’s existing customers to guarantee a fast, convenient and secure online credit service.  The company also serves as a bridge between local financial institutions and users and vows to put people who are most in need first. Abakus will continue its innovative approach and modulate its existing fintech products and services along with the changing demands. With years of expertise at hand, Abakus is uniquely poised to combine the insights of financial institutions and the technological knowhows into viable businesses, offering use-case specific solutions that provide the desired production efficiency boost. Abakus’s official website: https://www.abakusglobal.com/en Related Links :https://www.abakusglobal.com


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